Blair Agri Advisors are an Australian based, global animal science consultancy company.


An expert on the ability to match different aspects of unusual feeds to achieve production outcomes in both beef, dairy and sheep.


Across the Globe.


Bio-Technical Reproduction • Stud, Dairy, Lamb, Wool • Vitamin and Mineral Packages • Grazing and Feedlot.

About Us

Blair Agri Advisors is owned and operated by Kai Blair, a ruminant nutritionist, scientist and embryologist based in Far North Queensland.  He consults globally in animal science and bio-technical reproduction, with clients in all states & territories of Australia, China, Inner Mongolia, Mongolia, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Russia, USA and the Pacific islands.

What we do

Animal Reproduction

Natural & Bio-Technical

(AI, Embryo Transfer,
IVF & cloning)
Kai is a qualified trained embryologist and can assist in any Bio-technical reproduction practices.

Consulting Animal Science

Ruminant nutrition, animal health and meat science

Vitamin and Minerals

BAA vitamin & mineral packages are scientifically formulated to supply crucial and essential micro minerals (trace minerals) and vitamins to all classes of Ruminant livestock.

Grazing to Feedlot

Blair Agri Advisors, can provide full farm business & animal science generated evaluations and reports for all aspects of beef, lamb and dairy production.

A Leader In The Industry

Kai has valuable knowledge and experience of by/co-product feeding, manufactured concentrate feeding and supplementation to beef & dairy cattle (feedlot, intensive grazing & pastures both temperate & tropical).

He is an expert on the ability to match different aspects of unusual feeds to achieve production outcomes in both beef, dairy and sheep. His knowledge of the interaction between micro and macro nutrition leave him uniquely placed to support cattle production in countries where the industry is developing rapidly and also here in Australia, where his expertise is highly valued in supplementation programs for not only maintenance in the dry season but also production & fertility; along with formulating diets and rations for mill manufactured feeds, PMR’s, TMR’s and ‘lick’.

Kai originates from the remote Far North Queensland; his business now takes him to areas of the world where intensive cattle production is growing rapidly. He conducts research with the several universities and continues to hone his skills throughout both the northern and southern hemispheres, incorporating the USA, Asia, UK and Europe.

Please don’t hesitate in contacting us (Kai & Terri) with any of your ruminant nutrition / science queries, issues & potential solutions to assist your cattle business.

Making an Impact Across the Globe

Blair Agri Advisors, has their own unique range of micro mineral (trace mineral) & vitamin packages.  These packages are formulated at the high spectrum of OVN (Optimum Vitamin Nutrition) and NASEM (National Academy of Science & Medicine), have assured activity & stability, contain exclusive ingredients that are manufactured in Europe (not China or India) and have full traceability.

  • Involved in the cattle industry for over 25 years.
  • Worked in the stock feed industry 20 years (by/co-products, concentrate, supplement, vitamins & minerals).
  • Consult to several multi-national nutrition and animal management companies.
  • Attained: Diploma of Agriculture, Bachelor of Applied Science – Animal Production Science, Graduate Certificate of Animal Science, Post Graduate Research, (current studies) Master of Animal Science. Graduate semester courses – Animal Nutrition, Animal Nutrition Intensive, Feedlot Management and Animal Science Veterinary Technology.
  • Tailor made nutrition software.
  • Experience with dairy, beef, sheep & camels (grazing, intensive grazing, feedlot)
  • Equine experience.
  • Extensive experience in Australia as well as England, USA, Kazakhstan, China, Inner Mongolia, Mongolia, Russia, SE Asia, Vanuatu & Fiji.
  • Officially opened the “International World Beef & Mutton Conference”, Inner Mongolia; 2018.

Member of:

– American Society of Animal Science
– Australian Society of Animal Production
– Australian Association of Ruminant Nutrition 

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