A great team

June 18, 2021

A post from our friend Kym Wilhelm

Hi Friends,

For the better part of the last 2 weeks I have been busy in Qld Beef country with Kai Blair, Todd Remfrey, & Barry Williams & his team.

In that time we have travelled many klm across central Qld and further reaching as far as a huge Beef Operation 200 klm past Cloncurry. In doing so I was able to see first hand the great work being done by Kai Blair (B.A.A.) in conjunction with Williams Stockfeeds & West Gulf Stockfeeds.

Words cannot capture the strength of my gratitude for the effort invested by the team listed above, to make my trip the joy and success it has been. I am more convinced than ever that DSM nutrition is in the best hands in QLD. The team of BAA , WSF, and WGSF is superb. It is a team of true champions. When I say champions, I mean people who are highly skilled , dedicated to excellence, loyal , and loaded with integrity and passion. Add to this the obvious respect you have earned from so many of the industry leaders- sensational, and I am so thankful & honoured to be a part of this. Thanks again for everything.

This scenario epitomizes the value of a great TEAM

Keep up the great work because it is a sure fire recipe for sustainable growth & further success.