DSM Animal Nutrition & Health

October 19, 2020

Food is the essence of life. As we celebrate #WorldFoodDay today, we must remember that approximately one-third of food derived from animal protein production is currently lost or wasted. We must avoid losing or wasting such a precious resource!

As part of our #WeMakeItPossible initiative, Reducing Food Loss and Waste is one of our six sustainability platforms and DSM supports the United Nations #SDG 12, which aims to reduce food loss & waste by 50% by 2030

Learn more about how we are bringing tangible, measurable science-based solutions along the value chain to tackle the global issue of food loss and waste -> https://lnkd.in/dWQif_9mFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Our partnership with the world leader in animal science, DSM Nutrition & Animal Health is nearing its 10th year and our growth continues to strengthen through innovation, science, integrity and valuable DSM industry experts.
This video outlines the commitment and the ability of the world’s largest scientific company to improve sustainable agriculture and food production, by reducing food waste; not reduce landfill with degradable ‘organic material” but rather capitalise & utilise animal science and exploit the proven benefits of correct and specific nutritional pathways that make the world a better place.
Its an informative two minute video, that is worth your time. No marketing, no sales and no propaganda, just somewhat a commonsense implementation & application that improves production outcomes from an in-depth scientific knowledge, experience and know how.
“It’s not for everyone, just those that want to improve”. (KW)