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August 16, 2023

Our first small shipment of accurate individual animal dosing water dispensers (troughs or tanks) arrived today in Far North Queensland, for farm trials in Victoria, South Australia, New South Wales and Queensland (temperate & tropical).

This low labour, ease of use and safe delivery system has been developed over 40 years of R & D and is backed by a leading Agricultural University in NZ, and will deliver a more accurate daily animal dose, regardless of water intake of animals on a daily basis.

A water delivery system must compensate for large intake fluctuations due to temperature, humidity and dry matter of the daily animal basal diet, preventing over-dosing during high intake days or under-dosing during low intake days.

This system accompanies our BAA Water Soluble Package, supplying crucial requirements of micro / trace minerals including copper, cobalt, iodine, manganese, zinc and selenium, and vitamins A, D3 & E plus magnesium, sulfur, sodium and sugar.

The BAA Water Soluble Package is added dry, so you are not paying transport for ‘water’ and has been formulated at the correct levels and ratios within NRC / NASEM (National Research Council / National Academy Science Engineering Medicine) recommendations, and vitamin levels at the higher spectrum of OVN (Optimum Vitamin Nutrition). Globally recognised.

Full traceability, assured activity & stability will make this low cost per head/day option, attractive for many graziers and with a specific dose, there is no guessing, or hopefull target analysis; rather this is what will be exactly supplied in the calculated daily animal dose rate.

Looking forward to our development in cost effective ruminant nutrition that will boost the animal immune system thus lowering veterinary expenses and antibiotic use, drive production pathways with increased rumen development, rumen efficiency, metabolic processes, plus additional antioxidant supply to enhance reproductive health / fertility, and improve your overall herd health.

Follow the leader, backed by science and advanced by performance…

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