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Grazing to Feedlot Services

Blair Agri Advisors, can provide full farm business & animal science generated evaluations and reports for all aspects of beef, lamb and dairy production.

From rangeland & pasture grazing, to intensive grazing and total mixed rations (TMR) in feedlots.

This type of in-depth analysis can potentially ‘pinpoint’ and correct health issues & metabolic deficiencies in the whole herd, improve fertility & calving rates and increase production outcomes in milk yield, milk components and live weight gain.  These evaluations are an excellent management tool of obtainable data collected of nutrition & performance.

BAA ‘tailor made’ software program contains over 980 lab tested ingredients from commercial manufactured products to pasture and additional data can and is continually added, including new formulations of concentrates & premixes, available commodities (including by/co-products) and forage & pastures (temperate & tropical).

The evaluation & reports analyze the whole diet of the animals intake eg. grass, hay, supplement (liquid, block, lick), concentrate (grain/manufactured feed) and water etc etc.  Taking factors into consideration like distances walked, day & night temperatures, hours spent in sun, shrinkage and obviously breed, age and weight.

Sample Report