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Vitamins and Minerals

  • BAA Hy-Dairy Advanced plus Biotin
  • BAA Hy-Beef Developer plus Biotin
  • BAA Beef Packages
  • BAA Hy-Rumi Complete + CRINA (sheep)
  • BAA Ruminant Water Soluble
  • BAA Rumi Complete (sheep)
  • BAA Equine Complete + Omega-3 and Biotin
    (a vegetarian & sustainable Omega-3 source for horses)

BAA vitamin & mineral packages are scientifically formulated to supply crucial and essential micro minerals (trace minerals) and vitamins to all classes of Ruminant livestock for optimum health, growth, development and production; including reproduction.

These products contain a blend of inorganic and organic minerals allowing optimum absorption and utilization by the animal to promote performance, production, metabolic health, immune system strength, feed conversion efficiency, fibre digestion, skeletal strength & growth, build hoof strength & structure and reproduction performance.  These products have proven to lower the incidence of metabolic disease and increase production, whilst lowering the use of antibiotics / pharmaceutical medications; thus, lowering veterinary expenses through scientific research, correct management and the implementation of the products specific use.  * BAA products also exist together with other innovative and elite products, such as Megalac™ & Oxi-Care ®

Many aspects of animal health, animal welfare and animal production have been given consideration in the formulation of these products, including hoof health (white line disease, sole ulcers & digital dermatitis and the willingness to travel & breed), ovarian corpus luteum status, oocyte / ovum / embryo quality, mastitis control, milk fever, production of milk fat & milk sugar (lactose) from acetate and propionate produced in the rumen (driving milk production), the promotion of intramuscular fat deposition (‘marbling’), skeletal development, testicle size, sperm morphology in bulls, absorption & utilization of macro minerals, subsequent lactation response, heat stress, oxidative stress, promoting robustness of the female to recover after ‘giving birth’ and meat science.

BAA products contain exclusive registered ingredients (®™) that can be supported by numerous independent trials, by research institutions and scientists via published journal papers and is supported by numerous global animal health, animal nutrition, animal management companies and universities.  One ingredient of superior performance is the vitamin D3 metabolite 25-hydroxycholecalciferol, that has shown to more than double the absorption of calcium & phosphorus; along with other animal production benefits.

BAA packages are manufactured in species specific facilities, contain ‘branded vitamins‘, ensured stability & activity and have “full traceability“, being manufactured in Europe.

(not China or India)

BAA products promote the animal’s health in reaching their full genetic potential and are globally recognized.  These packages are formulated at the high spectrum of NASEM (National Academy of Science, Engineering & Medicine) & OVN (Optimum Vitamin Nutrition – DSM).

*CRINA – organic eubiotic, available in all packages. Otherwise, ionophores: monensin sodium or lasalocid sodium