Williams Camel Pellets sent to United Arab Emirates.

February 21, 2024

BLAIR AGRI ADVISORS Pty Ltd is an Australian based, global animal science consultancy company.

Happy Hump Day at Williams Stockfeeds in Biloela.

With the continue expansion & growth of their business and new challenges from differing client needs at Williams Stockfeeds, Wednesday the 7th of July was just a little bit different again that day with a distinct species, unique market and noteworthy atypical customers, not previously familiar with Williams Stockfeeds (WSF) or the small central Queensland town of Biloela.

WSF pride themselves on their high-quality manufactured products that perform and the flexibility to meet the needs of their customers and innovative approach to meet the essential nutritional requirements of the customers animals. Certainly, WSF core business is with ruminants but now this includes pseudo-ruminants, camels to be more exact.

WSF (& Westgulf Stockfeeds) employ Kai Blair of Blair Agri Advisors Pty Ltd as their animal nutritionist and Kai’s company being a global animal science consultancy has taken him to all parts of the world to experience numerous agricultural production systems with different cattle breeds and animals, including camels.

Kai’s first and main connection with camels, began from his university academic supervisor Dr. Rafat Al Jassim, an Honorary Professor from the University of Queensland and Nutrition Bio-chemist & Gut Microbiologist for Queensland Alliance for Agriculture & Food Innovation (QAAFI) and the Australian Institute for Bio-engineering & Nanotechnology (AIBN). Dr. Al Jassim, first introducing Kai to Bactrian camels (two humps) in the Gobi Desert, Inner Mongolia when both attended the Camel Industry Conference at Alxa in 2017.

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That week was spent with other industry personal from Mongolia, China, Austria, Germany, Russia, France, UK, USA, Australia, Africa and the Middle East looking at the cultural importance of camels to the regions, camel health & nutrition and camel meat & dairy production, with numerous on farm and research center visitations. Dr. Al Jassim consults globally in all aspects of animal science but is recognized as the leading expert in camel nutrition across the world.

Furthermore, Dr. Al Jassim was a speaker at the WSF Ruminant Nutrition Seminar held at Biloela earlier this year in March and there a new relationship was founded with him and the Williams family.

Fast track a few months to July and WSF manufactured the first batch of specifically designed camel pellets destined for international export to United Arab Emirates (UAE), Qatar and Oman; in 15Kg buckets.

The pellets formulated by Dr. Al Jassim are providing balanced escape protein that matches the amino acid profile of the tissues to be synthesized and build-up & repair muscles in racing camels.

A precise combination of micro minerals, vitamins and rumen protected proteins & amino acids will also be supplied to a very large camel dairy industry for improved immune health, feed efficiency, metabolic performance, fertility and other production outcomes in the countries mentioned above and other gulf states.

Most certain is that Williams Stockfeeds and the town of Biloela, will now be known in certain conversation by some rather extraordinary individuals, including Sheikh’s, Princes, Princesses and other Royalty in some of the worlds most outlandish palaces, stables, studs & dairy’s, within this Billion-dollar camel industry.

An exciting change  with our first day of making Camel Pellets to be sent over to the United Arab Emirates. Thank you to Dr. Rafat Al Jassim and our nutritionist Kai Blair @blairagri for being onsite and lending a helping hand.